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Land Pride AFM4211

AFM4211 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

Land Pride AFM4211 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

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Land Pride AFM4211 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California



Counter blade rotation on left hand deck Spreads grass clippings more evenly. Wing decks throw grass away from the rear deck. Rear deck doesn’t get covered up nor does it get bogged down by cut grass.
7’-8” transport width at lowest cutting height Meets most city/county codes for transport width.
6” Deck overlap Eliminates skipping when going into a tight turn.
11’-1” Cutting width – three 48” decks Sized right for golf courses, cities, schools. Small decks give excellent flexibility.
Sleek frame design, including single beam hitch and compact deck overlap Design allows operator to make tighter turns without leaving windrows and skips. AFM virtually becomes a zero turn mower. (Oversized tires may not allow this.)
Automatic transport wing locks When wings are raised in the full transport position, the wings lock in place. No need to get off the tractor to lock. Pull rope from tractor seat to un-lock.
18” Transport tires with tapered roller bearings Transport tires offer smooth roading and less grass compaction. Allows grass to stand up. Tapered roller bearings offer longevity.
Removable transportation tire spindles Allows a spindle to be replaced by simply removing two bolts.
Back wheels on side decks even with transportation tires Allows tighter turns without skips.
Rigid rear side deck tires Rigid wheel yokes holds hills and slopes better. Safer unit than the competition.
13” Deck tires with sealant 13” Tires offer great flotation, less lbs. per square inch. Sealant minimizes flats.
1/4” Gauge wheel arms Gives the mower gauge wheel arms a great deal of “hidden” strength.
Low pivot points on deck The lower the pivot points are to the ground, the more side to side swing, allowing for excellent flotation from each deck.
Deflectors built into mower decks Safety features meet ANSI standards. Many competitors use chains for protection. Once chains are removed the unit does not meet ANSI specifications.
Rear discharge Even dispersal, discharged items are aimed downward. No rear chains are needed, which tend to clump damp grass.
Rounded front deck edges with no protruding skid shoe Helps protect trees and other obstacles.
5/16” Front edge & all-welded seams Provides extra durability.
Cat. 3 Constant velocity main driveline Constant velocity main driveline allows for tighter turns without harming U-joints in driveline, includes slip clutch.
Slip-clutch protection Guards against premature gearbox failure. Protects mower deck spindles.
Cat. 2 wing drivelines Reduces start-up torque that is put on the driveline, gearbox and gearbox support.
ABS guards No paint to scratch off, lighter weight, no rattling or rust.
Heavy gearbox mounts on center and side mower decks Handles start-up torque better.
Easy to grease blade spindles No guards to remove for routine greasing of blade spindles.
Middle spindle sits towards the back of the mower deck Uses less horsepower and allows material to escape the mower deck easier. The discharge of material is more even. Design eliminates windrowing.
Spring loaded idlers Applies constant tension to belt to run efficiently.
Easy belt tension release Easily release belt tension for changing belt or for winter storage.
High blade tip speed Lifts grass up for a clean cut and efficient discharge of material. Tip speed rates are as high or higher than the competition.
Low Lift Blades Highly recommended in sandy soils where lifting isn’t crucial. Disturbs the soil very little, allowing blades to wear longer.
Medium Lift Blades Medium suction for lifting grass. Requires less HP than high lift.
High Lift Blades Greatest suction for lifting grass before cutting. Can take higher HP in tall dense grass. Not recommended in sandy soils.
Mulching Blade Perfect for leaf mulching.


  • 30-65 HP
  • 11' Width
  • 6" Deck overlap eliminates skipping
  • Optional slip-clutch wing drivelines reduce start up torque
  • Automatic wing locks
  • Rear discharge decks
  • Narrow transport width
  • Standard anti-scalp rollers