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RTR15 Series Rotary Tillers

Land Pride RTR15 Series Rotary Rotary Tillers for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

Land Pride's RTR15 Reverse-Till Rotary Tillers prepare soil seedbeds for gardening or lawns. The RTR15 has offset capabilities to get close to fences or buildings, a formed and reinforced rear deflector to leave a perfect finish, and a #80 drive chain to stand up to the most demanding applications. These Land Pride Tillers have uses in landscaping, nurseries, gardening and light commercial applications.

Land Pride reverse rotation tillers tend to achieve greater depth penetration resulting in moving and pulverizing more soil. Also, they bury more of the residue in the soil. They will typically pulverize your soil in fewer passes than the forward rotation and will tackle hard ground by being 'sucked' in and staying put!