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  • Auger adapters | Land Pride

    Dana Trumpp, with Land Pride service, is going over the sizes of the auger adapters. Our website - Parts/Service -

  • Hydraulic couplers tips | Land Pride

    Dana Trumpp has some helpful tips for your hydraulic couplers. Our website - Parts/Service -

  • Land Pride SA10 Series Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

    Land Pride’s SA10 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger is well suited for sub-compact tractors with lower hydraulic flow. The SA10 features a universal quick-attach mount and cradle that can be positioned for best operator visibility. The SA10 cradle easily mounts to the frame of Land Pride’s PFL12 Pallet Fork, a unique feature for customers that already own the PFL12, eliminating the need for two hitch frames. The reverse is not true: Forks will not fit the SA10 hitch frame.

  • Land Pride AFM4522 All-Flex Mowers

    Land Pride's AFM4522 All Flex Mower is a commercial mower that can easily mow over 10 acres per hour. Contractors can make quick work of turf areas like parks, sports complexes, and sod farms. The high blade tip speed will produce a quality cut in Bermuda, fescue, or rye turf grasses. The narrow transport width allows access to area with east, easily fitting through any 10-foot gate.

  • Kubota SC Series Skid Cutters Product Walkarounds

    Michael is giving a Product Walkaround going over specs and options for each of these cutters.

  • Set Up & Calibration of the Trimble Earthworks GO! on Kubota by Land Pride BB30 | Land Pride Service

    Allen is showing the step by step process of setting up and calibrating the Trimble Earthworks GO! onto the Kubota by Land Pride BB30.

  • Land Pride DB26 Series Ditch Bank Cutter

    Land Pride's DB2660 (DBM2660) Ditch Bank Rotary Cutter boasts a number of features that will make mowing ditch banks, pond dams, or other hard to reach inclines fast, easy, and efficient. Built for either 540 or 1000 RPM tractors, the DB2660 features a 58" cutting width, 1" cutting diameter, and 32" cutting reach. The 1/2" by 4" blades rotate clockwise at 15,000 fpm, directing debris away from the tractor. Minimum cutting height is dictated by the tractor's 3-pt height.

  • Land Pride RCF3610 Rotary Cutters

    Land Pride's RCF3610 / RCFM3610 dual-spindle rotary cutter is an updated, flat-top version of the original RCR35. With larger gear boxes, larger cutting capacity, and a deeper deck, the RCF3610 is the ideal dual-spindle cutter for narrow areas in pastures, along roadsides, or in tree groves.

  • Kubota CL Series Compact Buckets

    Kubota by Land Pride: The high-capacity CL148H Bucket is equipped with a CII Hitch and is available with 6 optional bolt-on teeth or an optional bolt-on cutting edge. With a 3/16" shell and end panels and a 48" width, these buckets have a 7 cu. ft. struck and 9 cu. ft. heaped capacity. These buckets are ideal for the landscaper moving volumes of material.

  • Land Pride FDR36 Series Grooming Mowers

    Our FDR3690 Grooming Mower is built for commercial use by mowing contractors. Contractors will appreciate the ease of maintenance and the 6 free-swinging medium-lift blades that provide a uniform cut in heavy turf grasses. The tapered deck design allows operators to get close to obstacles while the rear discharge directs debris toward the ground, allowing for even distribution of clippings.

  • Land Pride SGC06 Series Claw Grapples

    Easily grasp, lift, and move a variety of materials greatly reducing the time spent on property maintenance with Land Pride's SGC0660 Claw Grapple. The tines on the SGC06 are manufactured from high-tensile AR400 Steel making it light-weight, yet extremely durable. For additional strength, the frame is made of stout 2" x 3" rectangular tubing. The hinge points feature 3/4" greasable pins. The 9-3/8" tooth spacing and a 32" jaw opening make this attachment a versatile tool to help you get work done. Land Pride also has six 3rd Function Valve Kits for a variety of Kubota tractor/loader combinations....

  • Land Pride BB35 Series Box Scrapers

    Land Pride's BB35 Series Box Blades are a heavier 3-point Box Blade to complement our popular line of Box Blades offered by Land Pride. The beefy 3/8" x 4" x 4" main-frame tube and 3/8" end panels makes our 35 Series Fixed Bar Box Scraper ideal for construction sites and commercial operations or for use by counties and municipalities. Two welded channel braces extend from front to rear of the box plus welded gussets between the side panels and 23" roll-formed moldboard provide exceptional strength under heavy loads. The durable BB35 is comfortable dragging or back-filling.

  • Land Pride CB0546 Combo Buckets

    The CB0546 Combo Bucket, or 4-n-1 Bucket, allows you to dig, drag, doze, and clamp all with a single tool. This new bucket is specifically designed for Kubota BX80 Tractors and increasse the versatility of the front loader. A unique, patent-pending, single cylinder design keeps the weight down and allows the buckets to mount to the 2-lever quick attach plate on the tractor loader. It features a single 2.5 x 6 cylinder, greaseable jaw pivot points, 30” jaw opening, and 3 hardened cutting edges.

  • Snow Blade Cutting Edges | Land Pride Service Minute

    Dana Trumpp, with Land Pride Service, is showing what the differences are between using a Steel or Poly Snow Blade Cutting Edge.

  • Kubota by Land Pride CTR Compact Trencher | Land Pride Service

    This video will show how to replace the chain, adjust the auger and crumber, and the lubrication points on the Kubota by Land Pride CTR Compact Trencher.

  • Land Pride GS15 Series Grading Scraper

    Land Pride's GS15 Series Grading Scrapers have uses in applications such as landscaping, small farms and ranches, hunting camps, large estates, small acreages, and sod farms. The GS15 is extra user-friendly and a low cost alternative for road grading applications. Unlike a box scraper, they are not designed to transfer large volumes of dirt from one location to another and as a result do not require the additional horsepower that a box scraper normally requires. Nor does it require the tending of tractor 3-point lift controls to maintain grade that a box scraper might require.

  • RBT Selector Valve | Land Pride

    If you have a blade that has 3 cylinders and your tractor only has two rear remotes, this RBT Selector Valve will be your best friend!

  • How to store Single Acting Cylinders | Land Pride

    When correctly storing your Single Acting Cylinders there will be less damage over time and will last longer!