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  • Kubota SBL30 & SBL35 Series Snow Blowers Product Walkaround

    Our Product Manager, Michael, is doing a Product Walkaround for the Kubota by Land Pride SBL30 & SBL35 Series Snow Blowers showing the features and benefits of this new product.

  • Kubota CGC1040 Series Compact Claw Grapple Product Walkaround

    Our Product Manager, Michael, is doing a Product Walkaround for the Kubota by Land Pride CGC1040 Series Compact Claw Grapple showing the features and benefits of this new product.

  • Land Pride Top & Tilt Kit

    Land Pride Top & Tilt Kits add versatility to your tractor 3-point. These popular kits can be used to easily adjust the top link fore and aft and with a 3-spool kit, operators can adjust a hydraulic accessory on an implement – raise and lower hydraulic shanks for example. Top & Tilt Kits can be used to crown roads or cut a ditch by simply replacing the left mechanical linkage with a tilt cylinder allowing the operators to adjust on the fly and are especially useful with rear blades, box blades, and landscape rakes. Land Pride offers 9 kits that include no spool valve, a two-spool valve, or a 3-spool valve, as well as a bracket for mounting the valve to the ROPs. All kits contain two cylinders. Hose kits for installation are available according to the kit purchased.

  • Kubota SBL30 & SBL35 Series Snow Blowers

    Kubota by Land Pride: SBL30 and SBL35 Series skid-mounted Snow Blowers are available in 74” and 84” widths, and will make quick work of the heaviest snow. An optional fold-over chute allows the operator to direct snow to a precise location, even directly next to the power unit.

  • Kubota CGC1040 Compact Grapple

    Kubota by Land Pride: CGC1040 is a compact Grapple designed specifically for the Kubota SCL1000. With a working width of 41", it complements the narrow width of the SCL.

  • Land Pride CB10 Series Combination Bucket

    Land Pride's CB10 Series Combo Bucket is commonly referred to as a 4-n-1 - to dig, drag, doze, and clamp - all in one tool! They feature a quick-attach hitch, 3 hardened, weld-on cutting edges, 1" greaseable hinge point pins, and 3,000 PSI.

  • Kubota PC Series Plate Compactors

    Kubota by Land Pride: Plate Compactors for 3- to 8-ton excavators are ideal for trench, slope, and excavation compaction. They are also well-suited for driving beams, pilings, pipe, guardrail posts, and seawalls. These hydraulically operated Kubota vibratory compactors feature 2,000 cycles and use an eccentric, rotating weight that creates the impulse energy. Excavator QA and pin grabber mounts are available to match Kubota excavators. Only available through Kubota Dealers.

  • Land Pride SBP16 Series Snow Blowers

    Land Pride's SBP16 Series Snow Blower is a 3-point, pull-behind model well suited for commercial, municipal, and campus snow removal applications. The inverted design allows operators to back up to obstacles like buildings or curbs, set the blower down, and drive away, offering the operator clear, forward visibility.

  • Land Pride PR10 Series Powered Rake

    Land Pride’s new PR10 Series Compact Power Rake is a multi-functional tool used by landscapers, contractors, and turf care professionals. It also makes a great rental tool. The PR10 is ideal for grading, leveling, and shaping soil profiles, prepping seed beds, or raking rocks or debris. The PR10 will angle 15° left or right manually or with an optional hydraulic angle kit. It features removable end plates, easy-adjust gauge wheels, carbide-tipped roller, and adjustable material control deflector.

  • Land Pride FPS Series Food Plot Seeders

    Land Pride's FPS48 Food Plot Seeder is a highly versatile full component package designed to open and break up soil surfaces by discing the soil for seedbed or planting preparation. It will then spread the seeds while simultaneously pressing the seeds into full soil contact with a trailing fluted roller/packer. It can also be used to spread fertilizer, lime, gypsum and other soil conditioning amendments at distances ranging from 4 ft. to 20 ft. The spin spreader can also be used in the off-season to spread sand or salt for winter icing or slick snow conditions.

  • Land Pride RTA35 Series Rotary Tillers

    The RTA3576 is Land Pride's toughest tiller, built to withstand the rigors of commercial jobs. The 35 Series Tiller is designed to go all day, day after day, in the most demanding jobs. With a 19" rotor swing diameter, this tiller can turn over a bunch of dirt without much getting in its way and is ideal for landscaping, nurseries, and commercial gardening applications. The Cat. 4 slip-clutch driveline and 75 HP gearbox keeps the power coming in the toughest conditions. The spring loaded rear deflector keeps the tailgate on the ground to level and keeps larger debris in for more pulverizing action.

  • Land Pride RTA12 Series Rotary Tillers

    The Land Pride RTA12 Series Rotary Tillers till soil for seedbed or planting preparation with uses in both rural and non-rural applications like gardening and landscaping. The offset capabilities allow the tiller to work closer to objects such as fence lines, buildings, or trees. Operator can control the tilling depth with the adjustable skid shoes. A 15" rotor swing diameter turns the soil over faster, and enables deep tilling action. NOTE: Quick-Hitch may require a longer driveline, which is available through Land Pride Parts.

  • Land Pride

    You can trust Land Pride implements to complete task after task with the reliability and performance you demand. Whether your tasks are your hobby or your job, Land Pride will be your trusted companion.

  • Land Pride STB05 Series Snow Trip Blades

    Land Pride’s STB05 Series Snow Trip Blades are intended for use on Kubota BX and B01 Tractors or other sub-compact tractors with universal quick attach hitch. The STB05 has a lower profile moldboard for smaller tractors and is lighter than our STB10 Series making it more appealing for sub-compact tractor owners.

  • Land Pride PFS Series Spreaders

    The PFS4000, PFS5060 & PFS8010 pendulum-type broadcast spreaders are capable of spreading seed, top dressings, prilled/granular fertilizer, lime, and iron at delivery rates ranging from 44 to 890 lbs. per acre with a spreading width of 20' to 46'. Optional spouts are available for narrow spreading, vineyard spreading between rows, and vineyards/orchards spreading on the rows only.

  • Land Pride DRG Series Drag Harrow

    Land Pride's DRG Series Drag Harrows are highly versatile in their design and performance. A harrow mounted on the drag bar with tines facing down and forward will deliver aggressive soil stirring action and deep penetration. Turn the harrow 180 degrees with tines facing down and to the rear and you'll get less penetration with lighter cultivating action. Flip the harrow over with tines facing up and you get almost no cultivating action.

  • Land Pride 3P500 Compact Drills

    Land Pride's 3P500 & 3P500V 3-Point Min-Till drill is designed to get into places big drills simply can't; like wooded areas, orchards, and vineyards. These excel when seeding into fully prepared and minimum tillage plots. Add the optional small seeds box and plant two different seeds at the same time. The 3P500 is ground driven and features 4-speed gearboxes for fast seed rate changes. The rugged 00 Series openers provide accurate and consistent seed placement plus they offer 7" of stagger to allow residue to easily flow under the unit. The 3P500V offers narrower spacing and a low profile box that is ideal for orchards and vineyards.

  • Land Pride QH16 Series Quick-Hitches

    Not all 3-point products are quick-hitch adaptable, especially older units of any brand. With our adjustable top hook, Land Pride's QH16 hitch has a better chance of fitting older 3-point attachments. Look for the Quick Hitch logo to denote applicable Land Pride products. Land Pride's 3-Point Quick-Hitch is available for a Cat. 1 hitch allowing you to easily hook on to implements, some without ever leaving the tractor seat. Optional top link is required for implements that have a swiveling top link. This keeps the top link attached when going through ditches.

  • Land Pride WB15 Weight Box

    When using the loader on a compact tractor, proper ballast is essential for safe operation. Whether you refer to this attachment as a ballast box, safety box, or weight box, its purpose is the same – to keep all four tractor tires in contact with the ground. To provide this needed counterweight, the Land Pride WB15 has a 800 lb. weight capacity and can hold 5.8 cubic ft.