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  • Land Pride RTA12 Series Rotary Tillers

    The Land Pride RTA1242, RTA1250, RTA1258, RTA1266, RTA1274 & RTA1282 Rotary Tillers till soil for seedbed or planting preparation with uses in both rural and non-rural applications like gardening and landscaping. The offset capabilities allow the tiller to work closer to objects such as fence lines, buildings, or trees. Operator can control the tilling depth with the adjustable skid shoes. A 15" rotor swing diameter turns the soil over faster, and enables deep tilling action. NOTE: Quick-Hitch may require a longer driveline, which is available

  • Land Pride RTA35 Series Rotary Tillers

    The RTA3576 is Land Pride's toughest tiller, built to withstand the rigors of commercial jobs. The 35 Series Tiller is designed to go all day, day after day, in the most demanding jobs. With a 19" rotor swing diameter, this tiller can turn over a bunch of dirt without much getting in its way and is ideal for landscaping, nurseries, and commercial gardening applications. The Cat. 4 slip-clutch driveline and 75 HP gearbox keeps the power coming in the toughest conditions. The spring loaded rear deflector keeps the tailgate on the ground to level and keeps larger debris in for more pulverizing action.

  • Land Pride RCF3096 Series Rotary Cutter

    Land Pride's RCF3096 Series Dual-Spindle Rotary Cutter from Land Pride is the perfect medium-duty cutter for pastures and roadside applications. Available in 3-point, semi-mount or pull-type, the RCF3096 features a 2.5" cutting capacity and 1/4" side skirts.

  • Land Pride GBE30 Hay Grapple Bucket

    Designed for the power and productivity of the M7 Tractor, Land Pride’s new GBE30 is a workhorse for hay producers – the 108" model will hold two round bales! The euro hitch on the GB30 mounts to a ¾" plate, fully welded to the bucket shell – combined with the 3/16" shell, the hitch features nearly an inch of steel where it’s needed most! With additional features like a standard spill guard and quick release pins and storage stands on the grapple attachment, the GBE30 will quickly become the Hay Grapple that others are measured by.

  • Single Spindle Cutters | Land Pride

    Michael from Land Pride Service gives tips for how to keep your Single Spindle Cutter well maintained and ready for work.

  • General Tiller Maintenance | Land Pride

    This Service Minute is all about Tillers. Keep your Tiller ready for spring by following these simple steps

  • Post Hole Digger Auger Teeth | Land Pride

    Increase or decrease the bite of your auger by flipping over the teeth.

  • How To Replace A Dimpled On Shank | Land Pride

    Michael from Land Pride Service walks us through how to replace a dimpled on shank.

  • How To Clean Out A Seed Cup On A Land Pride Seeder | Land Pride

    Michael from Land Pride Service walks you through how to clean your seed box, reminds you to grease all grease point, and tells you wat you need to do in the Fall before fist use.

  • How To Change The Oil In A Land Pride Gearbox | Land Pride

    Any Land Pride implement with a Gearbox will need to have the oil changed at some point. Michael from Land Pride Service walks through that process in this Service Minute.

  • General Snow Blower Maintenance | Land Pride

    Land Pride Service has some tips to make sure your Snow Blower is ready to clear snow this season.

  • Field Cultivator: Blade & Point | Land Pride

    In this Service Minute, Michael from the Land Pride Service Department walks through the blade and point on the 10 and 15 series Field Cultivators.

  • Cold Planer Picks | Land Pride

    Are your Cold Planer Picks in good condition? Make sure to check them daily to ensure that the tips don't have abnormal wear.

  • Breaker Chisel Paste | Land Pride

    This Maintenance Minute walks through Kubota branded Breakers. Make sure to keep your Kubota Breaker well greased to avoid excessive wear.

  • FDR Maintenance | Land Pride

    Learn to keep your Land Pride Grooming Mower maintained with this Service Minute.

  • Kubota SSG25 Stump Grinder

    A great choice for contractors, landscapers, and forestry departments, the SSG2524 Stump Grinder turns large stumps into small chips.

  • Kubota SCL Buckets

    The high-capacity CL148H Bucket is equipped with a CII Hitch and the CL248H is equipped with a two lever Quick-Attach hitch. Both are available with 6 optional bolt-on teeth or an optional bolt-on cutting edge. With a 3/16" shell and end panels and a 48" width, these buckets have a 7 cu. ft. struck and 9 cu. ft. heaped capacity. These buckets are ideal for the landscaper moving volumes of material.

  • Kubota CC30 Concrete Claw

    The CC30 Concrete Claw is used for digging and removing large sections of concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, and other large slabs. Simply slide the teeth under a concrete slab, lift up, and load the slab under the pin-under top for a clean, quick, easy, and efficient removal.

  • CP30 Operation and Maintenance | Land Pride Service

    Michael from Land Pride walks through the maintenance points for this machine and climbs into the cab of the skid steer to show you the controls of how to properly operate this unit.

  • Compact Mount for BR Series Breaker

    This unit is ideal for demolition of concrete and rock, and as a rental tool where optimum power and breaking efficiency is required.