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Land Pride SA20

SA20 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

Land Pride SA20 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

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Land Pride SA20 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California



UNIVERSAL FIT Fits most Skid Steers and front end loaders
MANEUVERABILITY Post Hole Diggers are able to reach over fences or other obstructions.
REPLACEABLE HARDENED STEEL POINTS ON AUGER Hardened points will last longer than non-hardened. Points are replaceable. Fish tail tips and steel point make it easier to start a hole.
OUTPUT SHAFT OPTIONS 2" Hex shaped output shaft, shaft. Both offer high torque resistance, with the hex shaft being the heaviest available.
PLANETARY GEARBOX Design is a tougher, more construction grade than chain and sprocket designed gearboxes. Boxes are completely sealed with all moving parts running in oil for constant lubrication.
18" OFFSET Allows better vision of auger when mounted on a front mounted loader
AUGER SIZES 9", 12", 15", 18", 24", 30", or 36" augers
AUGER LENGTH 46" on 9" Auger, 48" on all others.


  • 6-30 GPM
  • 6" - 36" Diameter Augers
  • 24" - 36" Diameter Tree Augers
  • 2" Hex Output Sshaft
  • Planetary Gearbox
  • Center and 18" Offset Mount to the Right