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Land Pride CR2572

CR2572 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

Land Pride CR2572 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

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Land Pride CR2572 for sale at Pioneer Equipment California



72” width Mostly used in wide open spaces, 72” covers a nice width.
Plate steel ‘A’ frame Plate steel offers greater strength from natural force applied downward from tractor top link.
Tubular Construction 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” x 3/16” Tubing vs. angle iron offers greater strength as well as gives a better appearance.
Expanded metal in weight tray Adds safety over blade area, doesn’t allow foreign weight object to fall into blade area.
Blades Blades are blunted just right to crimp the straw and not cut it, as well as disturbing the soil very little.
Blade attachment Blades are independent of each other allowing for less side load torque on each blade during turns.
Blade hub greasing Each blade hub has a grease zerk for smooth rotation.
Storage stands Each corner has a storage stand to aid in off the ground storing, as well as aiding in hooking to the tractor.
Blade spacing Blades are spaced 6 1/2” apart to offer optimum crimping.
Optional Water Tanks Easily add up to 600 lbs. to the 72” to aid in compacted soil conditions. Can easily reduce weight by draining tank incrementally. Water tanks are safer due to precise fit and fastening vs. stacking inconsistent sized objects and difficulty in uniform fastening.


CAT. 1
  • 72" Width
  • Cat. 1 Hitch
  • 4 Bolt cast iron hubs
  • 6 1/2" Disc spacing
  • Storage stands at each corner
  • Heat-treated, flat, notched discs
  • Greaseable disc hubs
  • Heavy tubular frame
  • Optional water tanks for additional weight