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Land Pride 3P1006NT

3P1006NT for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

Land Pride 3P1006NT for sale at Pioneer Equipment California

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Land Pride 3P1006NT for sale at Pioneer Equipment California



With a 10' seeding width and 10' transport width, the Land Pride 3P1006NT No-Till Drill is productive and easily get in pasture gates, over bridges, or transport down narrow roads. A semi-mount and dual hydraulic lift assist wheels in the rear give the drill excellent ground clearance as well.

Non-swiveling coulters allow the 3P1006NT to stay on side hills without drifting. Two smaller pneumatic tires in front gauge depth for the coulters, as well as drive the metering systems on the drill. With the main seed box only, the drill weighs 4,350 lbs., so it has the weight needed to penetrate tough no-till surfaces. If even more weight is needed, an optional weight bracket can be installed to get excellent penetration in the toughest ground.


Model Drill 3P1006NT
Row Spacing 7.5 in. (19.1 cm)
Rows per drill 15
Swath 112.5 in. (285.8 cm)
Weight, pounds 4820-6388 lbs. (2187-2898 kg)
Transport Width approx. 118.25 in. (3.00 m)
Height approx. 95 in. (2.41 m)
Length approx. 141 in. (3.56 m)
Transport Clearance approx. 16 in. (40.6 cm)
Main Seed Box 25 bu. (881 liters)
Dual Seed Box 10 bu. (352 liters)
Native Grass Box 10 bu. (352 liters)
Small Seeds Box 2.4 bu. (85 liters)
Fertilizer Box 9.2 cubic feet (261 liters)
Transport/Lift-Assist Wheel 265/70B 16.5 NHS Skid Steer, 6-bolt rim
Ground Drive Wheel 5.70-8 8-Ply, 4-bolt rim
Tractor Requirements Semi-Mounted 3-point Category II hitch, 100 hp (75 kW), 1 hydraulic circuit
Agitators Agitators Optional in Main Seed box/Standard in Dual Seed or Native Grass box.