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  • Land Pride | Consistently Leading the Way

    Since beginning operations April 1, 1986, Land Pride has grown to employ hundreds of Kansans in communities across Central Kansas and produces some of the best-selling, most durable 3-point implements in the world.

  • Land Pride RC4715 Folding Rotary Cutter

    The RC4715 is a heavy‐duty folding rotary cutter with a 4” cutting capacity and 15’cutting width designed to make pasture and roadside maintenance a simple and efficient task

  • Land Pride AG15 Arena Groomers

    Entry level arena groomer for hobbyists and enthusiasts.

  • Kubota Hopper Brooms

    This heavy-duty collection bucket offers multiple brush configurations marking it the perfect construction site clean-up tool for contractors and rental yards.

  • Kubota PS20 Primary Seeder

    Ideal for landscapers, contractors and rental yards, No need to take another power unit to the site when you go to put on the finishing touches.

  • Kubota Silage Defacer

    Loosen and break up tightly packed and frozen silage so it can be loaded for feeding while leaving the face groomed and even to reduce spoilage, simplifying operations for ranchers and feedlots.

  • Kubota RP30 Rippers

    Rip or loosen dirt, sand, and tailings at varying depths.

  • Kubota TE35 Trip Edge Blade

    Trip edge design eliminates damage to surfaces and to the machine while moving large amounts of heavy snow down to the surface in a single pass.

  • Kubota SW30 Road Saw

    Ideal for road contractors, municipalities, and rental yards for milling asphalt, cutting utility trenches, pothole/shoulder repair.

  • Kubota BR460 Breaker

    Ideal for demolition, frozen ground and rental yards where optimum power and breaking efficiency is required.

  • Kubota CP30 Cold Planer

    Ideal for road contractors, municipalities and rental yards for milling asphalt, cutting utility trenches, pothole/shoulder repairs.

  • Land Pride FDR25 Grooming Mower

    The FDR25 Series of Grooming Mowers offer the same 3-blade system and floating hitch as the FDR16 and provide professional results for larger acreage homeowners and municipalities.

  • Land Pride RC37 Series Rotary Cutters

    Land Pride's RC3712 Folding Rotary Cutter features a 3" cutting capacity with a cut height of 1.5" to 14". Land Pride's RC3715 is identical to the RC3712, simply 3 feet wider.

  • Land Pride RC5014-2 Rotary Cutter

    Land Pride's heavy-duty RC5014 and RCM5014 Rotary Cutters provide excellent cutting performance on gently sloping or slightly contoured rights-of-way and roadsides.

  • Land Pride FC15 Field Cultivator

    The Land Pride FC15 is a 3-point, 3-bar, 13-tine Field Cultivator that tackles a number of tasks in the field, including seedbed preparation, soil aeration, and weed control, just to name a few.

  • Kubota SG25 Skid Grader

    Landscapers, contractors, homeowners, rental yards, and developers can level construction sites, or for seed preparation and rejuvenating driveways and parking lots.

  • Kubota CB25 Combination Bucket

    Concrete contractors, landscapers, dirt contractors, and farmers can perform grapple, dozer blade, bucket, and back drag actions with the CB25.

  • Land Pride Quick Hitch

    Land Pride's 3-Point Quick-Hitch is available for a Cat. 1 hitch allowing you to easily hook on to implements, some without ever leaving the tractor seat.