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  • Land Pride

    Salina, Kansas-based Land Pride is a company proud of our Midwestern roots. Land Pride, a Division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., has been a leader in grounds maintenance equipment since our inception in 1986. Today, we are known not only as a leader in turf equipment, but also recognized across North America as a leader in tractor implements that include Rotary Tillers, Grooming Mowers, Overseeders, Rotary Cutters, Rear Blades, Landscape Rakes, Snow Blowers, Zero Turn Mowers, and much more. Visit to learn more.

  • Land Pride APS All-Purpose Seeder - Food Plots

    The APS15 Series All Purpose Seeders are excellent combination planting and cultivation tools for golf courses, school systems, municipalities, rental yards, construction companies, sports fields, and college campuses. Their narrower widths make them effective in seeding applications on residential lots, grassy medians, or rights-of-way adjacent to sidewalks, community parks, sporting facilities, and golf courses. Unlike wider seeder models, these units will do a more effective job of planting in areas where undulations, moguls, and depressions are prevalent.

  • Land Pride SRT Skid Tiller

    Land Pride’s Skid Rotary Tiller allows you to transform your Skid Steer into a versatile tilling tool for preparing seed beds, planting food plots, or ripping virgin soil. The Land Pride SRT comes with a host of features and is available in 62" and 76" widths, plus the SRT can be offset 6" to the right for tilling next to fences, building, or sidewalks.

  • Land Pride STP15 Tree/Post Puller

    The Land Pride STP15 Tree Puller removes shrubs, saplings, and small trees; pulling them from the ground, roots and all. The serrated teeth make this an ideal tool for removing steel and wood fence posts around the farm or on the job too. The 10" jaw opening allows you to grasp and pull a wide range of trees and posts. With the STP15, chances for regrowth are eliminated without the use of chemicals because you remove the root with the added benefit of minimal ground

  • Land Pride SA20 Skid Auger

    Land Pride's SA20 Skid Auger fills the need for users that require a quality post hole attachment but don't require our heavy-duty, commercial-grade SA35 Auger. This lighter planetary drive Skid Auger is ideal for land owners, landscapers, hobby farmers, or contractors.

  • Land Pride GS15 Grading Scrapers

    uses in applications such as landscaping, small farms and ranches, hunting camps, large estates, small acreages, and sod farms. The GS15 is extra user-friendly and a low cost alternative for road grading applications. Unlike a box scraper, they are not designed to transfer large volumes of dirt from one location to another and as a result do not require the additional horsepower that a box scraper normally requires. Nor does it require the tending of tractor 3-point lift controls to maintain grade that a box scraper might require.

  • Land Pride SSP25 Snow Pushers

    Land Pride Snow Pushers are designed to push snow straight ahead without leaving windrows or damaging the pavement below. The SSP mounts using the universal Quick-Attach plate and feature an 8” rubber wear edge. The rubber edge means Land Pride Snow Pushers eliminate damage to the pavement or lot striping on most surfaces while removing slush and snow.

  • Land Pride DB26 Ditch Bank Cutter

    Land Pride's DB2660 Ditch Bank Rotary Cutter boasts a number of features that will make mowing ditch banks, pond dams, or other hard to reach inclines, fast, easy and efficient.

  • Land Pride WC1504 Wood Chipper

    The WC1504 Wood Chipper is a self-feeding, 4" cutting capacity chipper with four reversible and replaceable hardened-steel knives, adjustable discharge chute, and is direct drive to rotor.

  • Land Pride SGC05 Series Grapple

    Move brush, clean stalls, lift debris, and so much more with Land Pride's all new SGC0548 Claw Grapple. The SGC0548 will make chores a breeze. Easily grasp, lift, and move a variety of materials making property maintenance easier and less time consuming.

  • Land Pride Angle Broom

    Available in 3 sizes, the Land Pride Angle Broom is designed for use in construction site cleanup, road maintenance, light snow removal on paved surfaces, cart path maintenance, and turf scalping operations prior to overseeding. An optional dust control curtain or optional spray system is available for areas where dust control is desired or mandated.

  • Land Pride RC4015 Rotary Cutter

    The RC4015 features a 15' cutting width, 3.5" cutting capacity and heavy-duty gearboxes. The RC4015 is a solid medium-duty cutter in a long line of quality folding cutters from Land Pride. See complete details at

  • Land Pride AR2510 Pasture Aerator

    Land Pride's AR25 Series pull-type Pasture Aerators are ideal in agricultural conservation tillage and pasture renovations. The heavy-duty, knife-like tines on the aerator are designed with a twist in them to break-up compacted soil horizontally and vertically as they slice into the ground in a twisting fashion. This breaking action conditions the soil to soak up run-off water faster, allow fertilizer to penetrate deeper into the ground, and increase oxygen and water supplies to the plant roots. Optional concrete weights help aerator tines penetrate the ground at their maximum depth.

  • Land Pride 606NT Compact Drill

    Land Pride's 606NT is a 6' Pull-type No-Till Compact Drill and features an end-wheel design that reduces side-loading on openers when operated on contours and curves, eliminating premature opener wear. This time-proven design allows the 606NT to stay on side hills and maintain accuracy going over hills and through valleys. With the optional native grass and small seeds box, this unit is quite capable in pasture renovations and food plot seeding. Other features like heavy-duty coulters, calibration crank, central grease bank, lock-out hubs for transport, and optional weight brackets create a system designed for long-term dependability and productivity in a broad range of seeding applications.

  • Land Pride Wood Chippers: WC1503

    Land owners can utilize a Land Pride WC1503 Wood Chipper and their subcompact tractor to quickly turn mountains of limbs into chips for mulch or just to aid in decomposition. Driven by the tractor's PTO, this unit features a self-feeding 3" cutting capacity, two reversible and replaceable hardened-steel knives, adjustable discharge chute, and dual B-section drive belts. Adjustable support stands help elevate the Wood Chipper to match the height to your tractor's output shaft, enabling the driveline to remain straight and level.

  • Land Pride SSG25 Series Stump Grinders

    The Land Pride Stump Grinder is a great choice for contractors, landscapers, and forestry departments. Skid steer mounted, this Stump Grinder turns large stumps into small chips. It features durable carbide teeth mounted to a 1/2" cutting wheel that spins up to 1,100 rpm. Fully controllable from inside the cab, this unit has a maximum cutting arc of 55 degrees and depth of 8" below ground.

  • Land Pride RCF3010 Rotary Cutter

    The all new RCF3010 Dual-Spindle Rotary Cutter from Land Pride is the perfect medium-duty cutter for pastures and roadside applications. Available in 3-point, semi-mount or pull-type, the RCF30 features a 2.5" cutting capacity and ¼" side skirts.

  • Land Pride BB12 Box Scraper

    Land Pride's BB12 Series Box Scraper offers economy and durability. Perfect for your 15 to 30 HP Tractor, the BB12s come in sizes from 48" to 72" with 4, 5, or 6 shanks depending on size.

  • Land Pride RCF3610 Rotary Cutter

    Land Pride is proud to introduce the RCF3610 dual-spindle rotary cutter -- an updated, flat-top version of the original RCR35. With larger gear boxes (210 and 205 HP), larger cutting capacity (3"), and a deeper deck (13"), the RCF3610 is the ideal dual-spindle cutter for narrow areas in pastures, along roadsides, or in tree groves.

  • Land Pride TB Series Trip Edge Blades

    Land Pride's TB25 Series front-mounted Trip Edge Blades are ideal for landscapers, construction companies, farmers, ranchers, homeowners, school systems and municipalities.